Reason Why to Choose the Diesel Generator?

Diesel Generator is one of the power generating devices which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel Generator has become more important for commercial and industrial sectors which need the backup has power when there is a power cut that results in a huge loss for them so that having ready power backup in time is important for them. Diesel generator serves the perfect backup solution in any case of power failure. The DG is widely used for many application such as the hospital, industries, residential complexes and offices etc. These DG is more economical and convenient, noise-free generators.


Diesel Generators Have Several Advantages:

  • Diesel generators are less expensive when compared to others generators available in the market hence these DG are commercially used.
  • DG will operate perfectly in any weather condition, UV resistant powder coating, and extremely stable.
  • DG is more fuel efficient and economical than the petrol/ gasoline.
  • DG is designed and developed with rugged and study to withstand heavy load.
  • DG has less maintenance cost and simple such as changing oil, air filters and period change coolant oil.

Why SmoothLine Power??

However you need a generator for your commercial or domestic purpose, you can safely rely upon the Diesel Generator Dealers by SmoothLine power Systems. Our DG are required less maintenance and more reliable power back, provides the long-lasting service. Our diesel generator materials rely on the exact IS 8183 specifications.

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Diesel Engine Working Process

Diesel engine most widely used in the automobile industries such has vehicles like car, bus, truck etc. Diesel engine as a power unit due to its mileage and high torque compared to a petrol engine. Diesel engines are most popular in the market because lower price and durable compare to the petrol engine.

How Does Diesel Engine Works?

The diesel engines are well known as a compression-ignition and an internal combustion engine which air is compressed high temperature to ignite diesel fuel injected into the chamber. The diesel Engine that works in the air that results in an increase in the air temperature inside the chamber.

Diesel Engine

Diesel engine picks up the energy by burning the fuel injected into the compressed hot air charger within the chamber. The air temperature must be greater than the temperature injected fuel can ignite. When the fuel spark into the air-fuel immediately reacts with the oxygen in the air and burns when its temperature is higher than the auto-ignition. At this point, the engine starts working and other side chambers are heated sometimes when it in use. The temperature chamber within the air depends upon the engine compression and its current operating temperature. A diesel engine is most of the times relies on the air heated by compressions rather than the electric spark so called as compression-ignition engines.

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Cummins Diesel Generators Maintenance

Diesel Generator Maintenance tips:

  • Maintain outer surface and surrounding of generators clean. Remove the dust and oil to protect from heat blocking dissipation to avoid the generator overheating
  • To avoid the Oil leakage in the generator doesn’t keep metal objects like screw drivers and screw, remove all items from generators then only allowed to start the generators.
  • While starting up the generators listen the generator running sound if any abnormal noise stops the generator and check with your machine. If any listen to the friction of sound it indicates exist generator failure.
  • While the generator is in working you pay attention towards voltmeter, power meter on the control panel to identify whether generator runs normally.
  • Check whether the generator grounding is reliable or not.
  • While running the generator check whether any spark, flash, and burning smell if found its shows there is some breakdown.

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Diesel Generator maintenance Tips

Diesel generators are needed to be maintained to avoid it from breaking down. The better the maintenance generators come for the long life and will function without the need for extensive repairs.


Some of the tips to maintain Diesel Generator:

  • Check the oil before using its new one after the sometimes small amount of oil filled.
  • After using 50 to 100 hrs that results in dirty fuels change the fuel.
  • Check air filters daily and clean it, keeping the engine clean removes the harmful dirt.
  • Check out for any or oil leakage, if any leakage tighten parts if not replace it.
  • Engine air intake components are checked at the interval.
  • Power up the generators every three months once.
  • Monitor fluid levels, oil pressure, and coolant temperatures are frequently checked.
  • Don’t touch any electrical wire or plug on near a generator when it is raining.

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Diesel generators suppliers

Diesel generators are an alternative and reliable source of power most commonly used in business, home, and industry. A Diesel generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The diesel generator is useful appliances for electric power supply during the power cut or down. Generators are the secondary source of industrial and homes for electric power supply.

diesel generator in hyderabad
Diesel generators Dealers in Hyderabad


Parts of diesel generator:

  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Control panel
  • Cooling and exhaust system
  • Battery charger

SmoothLine Power Systems is trustworthy diesel generator manufacturer and suppliers in Hyderabad. Diesel generators are sound proof diesel generator and highly durable. Our products are manufactured by using superior quality of raw materials and utilized most advanced technology.Our offered diesel generator are highly demanded in the market for its unique features such as less fuel consumption, high performance and efficiency and low maintenance. We are the world best Diesel generator dealers in the Hyderabad.

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Diesel Generator dealers in Hyderabad

Our Diesel Generators is well-known for its exclusive ultra low noise, fuel efficiency, longer life of engines & user-friendly. We are engaged in most leading India’s Diesel Generators Dealers in Hyderabad. Diesel generators are designed liked used for both industrial and domestic applications fit every job site and every budget. Furthermore, diesel generators are manufactured with latest technologies, according to the standards and norms in manufacturing in the field of generators. Over the 10+years of experience in the field have supplied diesel generators to various customers across India and got appreciation.

diesel generator dealers
Diesel Generators

Advantages of Diesel Generators:

  • Reliable backup power.
  • Excellent Fan.
  • Radiator with set pipes
  • Easy to use
  • Prefect Finishing
  • Excellent performance

SmoothLine power Systems diesel generators are the best power and energy back systems can be utilized for the industrial or commercial purpose. Our offered products are tested on various parameters by our quality controllers assure perfect range to our clients. With this, we have set a benchmark in the manufacturing of diesel generators.

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Cummins Batteries

What is battery??

Battery is a device which consists of one or more electrochemical cells with creates the flow of electrons in the circuits. A battery that converts chemical energy into electrical energy each electrolyte consists of anions and cations. Positively charged anions consist are cations and negatively charged anions are anions. Electrons are added during the cathode charging in cations and anions electrons are removed during anode charging.

 Types of Batteries:

  • Primary batteries
  • Secondary batteries



Primary Batteries: Is single use only they cannot be recharged, most commonly used in portable devices like alarm, remote controls, and electric keys.




Secondary Batteries : are reachable batteries they can be used for recharged for reuse, most widely used in automobile applications like car batteries, light vehicles, battery power store and uninterruptible power equipment.


Smoothline power Systems the leading cummins batteries suppliers in Hyderabad.cummins batteries  are reliable and durable.

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